Your Results

Tracking Data:

Lower than 20
With your sense of the importance of data it should be your next step to increase the awareness of the value with staff to ensure complete obituary information is done for every family. Share the numbers with your staff
at your next meeting and keep them in front of you for at least a year to measure results.

20 or Higher
It’s time to get a designated staff member to assist you in watching this key data point. I’d also encourage
you to talk to your peers inside the profession and ask what data they measure and review on a regular basis.

The Obituary Online:

Lower than 20
Keep your focus going as you look forward to the next families you serve. Ask yourself, “What more can we include that is a part of the service each family receives in person?” Make a note of the top 5 obituaries that were posted for families so far this year, review them with staff and continue to ask what more can we do? Reward and praise staff that take the time to continue their high level of service.

20 or Higher
Ask yourself, “If my relative died and their obituary was listed online what would I want it to look like?” Once you answer this go review the last several months of obituaries listed on your website. Make a list of the best and worst from your observations and make it a plan to have a company meeting and review the findings.

Marketing Services:

Lower than 20
Start with the basics and be sure to list the online obituary in your price list materials. From there talk with your staff about the fact that it is an important service you offer to families. Take a virtual tour of a few of the most recent postings online and ask them “Would this be something you were proud of if it was your relative listed?”.

20 or Higher
You have the right mindset and are committed to educating families. Take the next steps and gather data
on families during the arrangement conference with the intention of pushing notices out to them about the obituary. Ensure your staff personally visit the online obit to view the information and encourage them to sign the guestbook for the family. Check your share features from a mobile phone to ensure each obituary reads well and can be shared. Monitor the investment your staff are making to be sure it is paying off by watching the key metrics of your business.

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