Market Studies

Providing a clear 
map for brand growth.

Here at Leap Tie, we take reserach and preparation very seriously. Before making any recomendations, we listen you you, your team, your customers, and even your competitors. This thorough assessment helps us identify marketing challenges that are unique and different for every single one of our death care clients.

Our proprietary process has assisted many leading funeral service firms to better understand their market and seize new opportunities for growth.


Before making any recommendations, Leap Tie completes an in-depth analysis process including an internal and external assessment. This well-regarded process has assisted many of the leading firms in funeral service better understand their market and seize new opportunities for growth. The Case Study below explains how this process helped Horan & McConaty increase leads and market share.


Increase leads for advance planning advisors and increase market share.


After conducting Market 360, key market advantages were identified, market area was redefined and specific strategies were launched.


A 50% increase in pre-planning leads and a significant increase in current market share.

Print Collateral -

A unique and interactive brochure
designed to assist in creating face
to face meetings.

Direct Mail -

Targeted with a fresh approach
and designed with a companion
piece for follow up.

Television Commercial -

An engaging and action focused
television campaign, part of the
integrated campaign.

Web -

Leveraging the campaign online
to extend its reach and integrate
it into additional materials.

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