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Placing ads on Google helps customers find your business at precisely the right moment—and working with Leap Tie maximizes every cent of your ad spend. While most Pay-Per-Click (PPC) reporting only shows how much traffic your ads generated, our Accountable Search Engine Marketing (ASEM) services provide
a deeper understanding of your total investment in paid search.

When you partner with us, one of our ASEM experts will meet with you to define your goals and the parameters. We determine geographic targeting, specific visitor outcomes, suggested budget and website updates to optimize the user experience. Our team then builds your paid search campaign in accordance with those criteria. Best of all, we make reporting transparent and easy. Every month, we’ll show you how many PPC visitors accomplished the defined goals via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Why Advertise on Search Engines?

Search engine marketing is important because every day potential customers are using sites like Google to find information before making phone calls.  Paid listings can position your website where organic rank is not possible.  Without search advertising you are missing opportunities.  How effective are ads?  Nearly 70% of shoppers do click on ads.

Activity vs. Results

Activity is impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and spend.  Everybody knows those. 

Results are the outcomes of those paid visits to your website.  Our goal-based approach is better because you will know the outcomes of paid visits to your site.  We measure conversions, we count leads, and we show you how many people called you from mobile devices, landline phones, and how many dialed the phone number on your website as a result of your paid traffic campaigns.

Do you know your results?

How We Save You Money

We are experts at optimizing keyword relevance and improving your quality scores.  Both of these factors determine how much you will pay for traffic.

Additionally, knowing which keywords are spending your money and delivering results and which keywords are spending your resources with poor results is how we make informed decisions about optimizing your campaign and budget.  Without knowing your results, you are wasting more money than expert management costs.  In one example illustrated in a client case study below, we cut the costs per click by 60% and increased traffic by 50% and showed the client outcome of their paid traffic visits for the first time ever after years of not knowing.

Case Studies

55% lower click costs and increased leads


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