Our Process

Principles for a
true partnership.

We know that your business is unique, and so is the community you serve. It would be disingenuous of Leap Tie, or anyone else, to make marketing recommendations without firsthand experience of how families in your area select providers when comparing options. That’s why we developed a proprietary process to give your business a competitive edge, right from the start.


Whether we’re planning a full-scale campaign or a single tactic, Leap Tie begins every project with an in-depth analysis. We get to know the inner workings of your organization, and we learn how local families perceive your funeral home or crematory. These internal and external assessments have assisted many leading funeral service firms to better understand their market and seize new opportunities for growth.


Based on our thorough analysis, we create a list of actionable marketing strategies
for your firm, tailored to your market. Our team of creative visionaries works to support
and elevate your brand, crafting beautiful, well-written communications for print,
digital, and more. We incorporate the latest best practices to keep your business
ahead of the curve—and maximize the performance of every piece.


In addition to advising on tactics and creating consistent messaging, Leap Tie measures performance every step of the way. We track results from direct response advertising, custom website analytics reports and more, so you can see how your campaigns are performing. We consider ourselves a true marketing partner: our team is always here to answer questions about your metrics and present opportunities for improvement.

“Leap Tie is taking a very unique approach to helping firms with their marketing expertise. As opposed to focusing on a specific medium or advertising vehicle, their approach is helping comanies truly define their message and create a total solution for implementing a strategic marketing plan.”

~ Scott Newton, Principal, Graystone Associates, Marlboro, MA

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