Get educated about website accessibility

By making your website content accessible, you can reach more customers, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge over those who don’t include accessibility features. Anyone affected by any of the wide ranging issues will take notice and feel like they are being acknowledged. That one touch can make a difference. Watch the video … Read more

9/11 Free Resources

Next week is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country. September 11, 2001, resulted in the largest collective national grief event since WWII. There were national memorials, local memorials, and many thousands of individual grief journeys. Twenty years later, we must all revisit that moment and teach its importance to a generation … Read more

How Google Affects a Funeral Home Business

A black coffin with a portrait beside it

  Whether you provide funeral services to residents in the immediate area or across the state, if it is not visible online, it does not exist. The first thing you need to realize is that your funeral home is first and foremost, a place of business. If people don’t know it exists, it will be … Read more

Updated: Covid Policy Signage and Care Items

​Signage: Post signage clearly, but not rudely, regarding your stand on mask usage. We’ve created a wide range of signage which is tailored to each community. Below are two free versions for you to use. Face Coverings Required Face Coverings Recommended Care Station: In the past offering water and coffee, made the personal touch and … Read more

Exploring the Complications of the “Why’s” of Funeral During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s difficult to maintain focus during a time of great change. Dr. Wolfelt’s recent article is a good tool for owners and staff as a reminder of what’s important. Exploring the Natural Complications of the “WHYs” of Funerals During the Coronavirus Pandemic by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. I often say that when words are inadequate, … Read more

Marguerite Ham – “Choose Your Focus”

Right now, all over the world, there is a lot of fear. There is some perfectly justified fear about our health, our family members who may be more susceptible to the virus, finding necessities, paying bills, our economy, the list goes on. Some of the fear is driven by the TV, media, social network, etc. Some fears we … Read more

FREE Community Video for Funeral Profession Owners

During this unprecedented time funeral professionals need to show they care and are providing professional services, despite current social distancing guidelines. Leap Tie believes in the services of the funeral profession, that’s why we have created a FREE video you can post on your website and social media. In anticipation of the request to have … Read more

What are you – Doing Saying?

At Leap Tie, when we leave the office on a Friday, we are still open for business online. It seems that it’s often on a weekend that a high-profile celebrity passes away. We monitor news for events 24/7.  You may not realize it, but we even monitor news feeds in your town so that if … Read more

Passare Integration

We are excited to now add Passare as an integration for our clients.  We work with owners who are progressive and want to grow market share. Our websites are part of how we help drive results that outperform anything in the profession today. We are pleased to add the power of Passare to the innovative options we provide. … Read more