Case Study #HV1
Compelling Sales Tool to Convert Cemetery Visitors


Hendersonville Memory Gardens, Funeral Home & Cremation Center


To position Hendersonville location as the premier choice in market.


Provide the sales staff with a compelling sales tool to present to families visiting the property. In addition to the property map and highlights, also provide insight on memorialization options. Map can be easily updated when new features are added to property. This map and property overview also serve as a functional reference for those looking at the property for the first time.


Within the first few months multiple sales were attributed to the new tool. It provided clarity on products, acclimated them to the park and presented the property in a positive way. In addition, the map is displayed in the arrangement office and provides useful information to families who are getting to know Hendersonville on their first visit or in the decision making process.
“This map is a consise way for people to get to know more about our property. It is a great overview of who we are and what we have to offer. We display the map graphic in our arrangement room. It’s been a great tool when talking with families.” “It really builds the value in us and shows how we care for families.”
~ Ramona Hall, Family Service Counselor & Allan Legard, Family Service Counselor