Accessibility for Families

Are Leap Tie Websites accessible?

At no cost to you, we have made many adjustments to make your website more accessible.  Given the complexity of this ever-evolving issue, we feel a specialized tool will supplement our current efforts to create a more comprehensive user experience from an accessibility standpoint. Please visit  We have recorded a video that covers this issue in detail and introduces important updates about your website.

Why is website accessibility important?

  1.     Mitigate Litigation Risk: In recent years the legislative landscape has changed. Hundreds of thousands of business owners have received Demand Letters for failing to have accessible websites. Making your website more accessible helps you to manage this risk.      

Are you saying that someone can sue me for having a website that is inaccessible? Regrettably, yes. 

  1.     Maximize your website’s reach and create a competitive advantage: Business owners can create a competitive advantage over the 90% of sites that aren’t accessible by making their websites accessible and reaching out to a huge (15% of the population), underserved, and extremely loyal consumer group. In addition, accessibility is a key part of optimizing your website’s reach by providing everyone that wants to interact with your content with additional tools to do so.
  2.     It’s the right thing to do: Being inclusive makes sense both ethically and financially. It reflects well on your company and resonates with business owners, employees and customers. Inclusion is central to a funeral home’s mission to serve the whole community.  

New solution with accessiBE.

We have partnered with accessiBe, the industry leader and pioneer of an AI and machine learning-powered solution called accessWidget. It is a cost-efficient software solution that automates the process of making your site vastly more accessible.  

We have secured a 14 day trial for all of our clients. We have waived any installation fees so you have a chance to see and try accessWidget on your website. We spent considerable time negotiating a better price for this and similar products.  Most have a limit on the number of pages included and/or a limit on the number of visits a site can have included.  We have removed those concerns for you. At the end of the trial period we will be sending out an invoice for $490. The annual fee for a license is $490.

Tax Credits Available

You can receive up to 50% of eligible expenses, including costs associated with website ADA compliance, in the form of an IRS tax credit. The only caveat is that the expenses must be between $250 and $10,000 for the taxable year. Claiming the tax credit is simple using IRS Form 8826 (Disabled Access Credit). Talk to your accountant.

Please note, it remains your sole legal and professional responsibility to seek legal counsel regarding your ADA compliance and accessibility responsibilities at a local, state, and federal level and to take necessary action to ensure your website’s compliance, which may include actions above and beyond our recommendations. We are not attorneys, and you are solely responsible for your business’ compliance with any applicable accessibility laws.

If you elect to refuse the program and not have the website be accessible, please notify us in writing.


Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We will be calling you soon to discuss this further. 

We will be talking about this for a long time, accessibility is just becoming mainstream online and now you are a leader! Showing families you care, having tools to help them engage with content is all part of capturing more market share. 20% of the population has a disability. Let’s talk to them.

Sean and Michele Fagan